The Skytube Intech Lens is result of researches of the University of Technology in Sydney and is the latest system of natural lighting. It assembles and redirects the solar light exempted from heat and UV radiation, using the system Intech lens.


Professional spaces as industries, warehouses, super markets, schools, offices etc, by installing the system Skytube Intech Lens have already the following advantages:

- Reduction up to 80% of their cost of lighting,

- Increase of productivity of workers because the favourable effect of natural lighting,

- Safe lighting in buildings with frail and flammable products.


Proges gives the choice of three basic product categories, depending on the space that you want to light up:


- Professional Skytube ST400,

- Professional Skytube ST400 flex,

- Skytube ST250


Proges undertake the study on the ideal lighting in your professional space and the installation of systems without interruption of your work.


The Skytube Intech Lens constitutes leading worldwide in his category system of  industrial  – professional natural lighting without energy, it comes with a written guarantee of good operation for decades, does not have burnable elements (eg lamps) and does not have need of maintenance.


Moreover you have the possibility of subsidy and the installation of system Skytube Intech Lens it constitutes investment of saving of energy.